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This month (Dec 2017) I ran Smolov Jr on both my Back Squat and Bench Press. It's a three week program designed to improve your one rep max. I tested both mi.. The powerful Smolov Jr program has been shown to boost lifts by 35 lbs for dead lifts and 25 lbs for bench press in just 3 weeks. Here's how it works Smolov Jr. A lesser known, but still incredibly effective, variant of the Smolov squat program is affectionately known as the Smolov Jr. cycle. It's not nearly as brutal as the original squat program, but still enormously challenging Training & Nutrition Plans: apfcoaching@gmail.com Video with The Golden One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwTHr... Video outlining Smolov Jr for Bench Press

Smolov jr est une routine d'entraînement de trois semaines qui provient de la routine russe de squat connu sous le nom Smolov (Nom de l'inventeur Sergey Smolov). La grande différence est la durée qui est beaucoup plus courte (1/5 du Smolov) et beaucoup moins difficile pour le système nerveux Smolov is capable of adding 100lbs+ to your squat in only thirteen weeks. However, for the vast majority of lifters, doing Smolov isn't smart. Find out why Smolov Jr. is a three-week program that comes from the Russian squat routine known as Smolov. The big difference is it's 1/5 as long and not nearly as taxing on your body. Another difference is Smolov Jr. can be used on other lifts besides the squat and is actually quite commonly used on the bench press. The majority of users report that they add 20-35 pounds to their squat or deadlift, and. Smolov and Smolov Jr Program Spreadsheets4.1 (82.67%) 15 vote[s] Ah, yes. The infamous Smolov program for squats and Smolov Jr for squat and/or bench. If you're. Smolov Jr. Calculator. Generates a 3 week workout based on your current 1 rep maximu

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Smolov: How to Boost Your Squat by Up to 100lb In Only 13 Weeks. Smolov is a Russian Squat routine that will boost your Squat by up to 100lb in only 13 weeks, even if you're a drug-free lifter like me Smolov Squat Routine Spreadsheet (Includes Smolov Jr Calculator) September 28, 2013 By Gregor Winter 33 Comments Here is a spreadsheet for the original Smolov Squat Routine that works for kg and lbs Read the Smolov threads, many of us have discussed its usage as a bench program. I personally ran Smolov Base for squat and Smolov JR for bench simultaneously this. I am currently running smolov jr for both squat and bench, but I split it into 2 days per week instead of 4, meaning that the total cycle lasts 6 weeks instead of 3. I found it much more gentle on my joints and have gotten some great gains from it If you want to bring up your bench press, try a cycle of Smolov Jr. Instruction: open the spreadsheet in Google docs go to 'File' - 'Make a Copy' o.

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  1. Smolov Jr. is a three-week, abbreviated version of Smolov that originally gained popularity for quickly boosting bench press strength. Like Smolov, it is intense, but doesn't require the 13 week.
  2. For me personally, I decided to go for a Smolov Jr for bench press because I had a lower back problem after running Wendler 531 for eight months. For this purpose it was ideal and I am following up with a full smolov squat round
  3. Smolov Jr. Program - Smolov Squat Program Anyone try Smolov Jr or know of any Bench programs? I am looking for something simple I can just do and not think about too much

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